Situation-based/scenario recruiting advice

Candidate has more than one job offer…how do you make her go with your client?

Contract negotiation

Your client is not paying enough money to attract qualified candidates, or your candidate is demanding an unreasonable sum. How do you make everyone happy?

Closing the deal

Learn how to ask….”Do you want the job?”

Client retention and maintenance

One time isn’t enough…make sure that every client becomes a repeat customer.

Candidate retention

Keep your candidates happy so that they become invested in the community.

Recruitment issues

Lack of support from HR? A lack of marketing? Credentialing issues? Hospital response time? Learn how to overcome these common problems.

Recruiting longevity

What does it take to be successful in recruiting?

Recruiter psychology

Do you feel insane? Do you feel alone? Do you just want to “get it all off your chest,” while talking to someone who has been there, done that?

Holiday, seasonal, and unusual staffing requests

What about locums? Creative scheduling? Last minute requests?

What to say when cold-calling a candidate

Embrace your inner silver-tongued devil.

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